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Tech Blog

19. June 2020

The usual way of dependency injection with CDI using @Inject offers an extremely efficient mechanism…

Tech Blog

10. June 2020

by Jakob Schröder and Dr. Philipp Bongartz





This blog post is a data exploration in the context…

Tech Blog

21. January 2020

A typical Machine Learning (ML) problem is about prediction such as in Forecasting for data-driven…

Tech Blog

20. December 2019

Vault secures, stores, and tightly controls access to tokens, passwords, certificates, API keys, and…

Tech Blog

10. December 2019

Approving loans without proper scientific evaluation increases the risk of default. This can lead to…

Tech Blog

30. October 2019

Transforming raw text into applicable business insights for data-driven decision making is not a…

Tech Blog

11. June 2019

In the last years technologies such as data science, artificial intelligence and predictive…

Tech Blog

04. June 2019

Accurate forecasts are key components of successful data-driven businesses.

We may forecast the need…

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