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Tech Blog

20. April 2016

On the second day of this year’s JAX we dived into subjects like Spring, HTTP/2, Cloud and…

Tech Blog

19. April 2016

Last year’s JAX was clearly stamped by the buzzword Microservice. For me, the term microservice was…

Tech Blog

14. April 2016

In my recent project we used MongoDB as database engine and the document mapping framework Morphia…

Tech Blog

08. April 2016

A common way to estimate user stories is the planning poker. In planning poker, every team member…

Tech Blog

05. April 2016

When invoking a method of an EJB we get features like transactions, security or monitoring for free.…

Tech Blog

31. März 2016

Recently I used hazelcast in several projects. Especially in an Application Server environment using…

Tech Blog

23. März 2016

When using Hibernate as JPA provider you need to tell the JEE application which database vendor you…

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