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Energy Blog

23. März 2018

With EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management, or EPRM for short, we would like to present our system...

Energy Blog

23. Januar 2018

According to the Standish Group, who has been periodicly publishing the Chaos Report since 1994, in...

Energy Blog

15. Dezember 2017

The energy sector is subject to constant change. Digitzation intervenes in operational processes and...

Energy Blog

27. November 2017

The two trending topics, digitization and industry 4.0, are closely linked to the term Internet of...

Energy Blog

06. November 2017

The Finnish state-owned energy company Gasum Oy commissioned EXXETA to carry out an extensive...

Energy Blog

06. Oktober 2017

Thyssengas GmbH, a natural gas transmission system operator with headquarters in Dortmund, Germany,...

Energy Blog

12. September 2017

During the last EXXETA training on fundamentals of the gas business a participant asked how fast gas...

Energy Blog

22. August 2017

The increasing infeed of fluctuating generation of the renewable energies presents huge challenges...

Energy Blog

31. Juli 2017

The energy industry is undergoing radical change. The dissolution of traditional business models,...