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12. August 2018

In the previous guides of this series, we have seen how to set up auto deployment and to auto...

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14. Juli 2018

Having OpenShift on a local machine can be a pleasure for developers. However, the setup using MS...

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18. Mai 2018

This guide shows you how to generate and publish html-documentation for your project automatically...

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04. April 2018

In the first three parts of our series about GitLab-CI we have seen how set up some basic...

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09. Februar 2018

Did you ever had the need to sync your git Repository hosted on a Gitlab CE instance to another git...

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15. Januar 2018

In the third post of our series about the GitLabCI, we walk you through the process of creating a...

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28. November 2017

This guide walks you through the process of selecting jobs with respect to different criteria and...

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27. Oktober 2017

A small guide that walks you through the process of creating an initial GitLab-Ci configuration with...

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13. Juni 2017

If you work as Java-developer in a company, then you normally work together in a team with other...