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19. August 2019

SDLC stands for Software Development Lifecycle. An SDLC is essentially a series of steps or phases...

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11. Juni 2019

In the last years technologies such as data science, artificial intelligence and predictive...

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04. Juni 2019

Accurate forecasts are key components of successful data-driven businesses.

We may forecast the need...

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28. Mai 2019

In order to better understand your data and come up with useful hypotheses, data visualization is a...

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20. Mai 2019

In the last years technologies like data science, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics...

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23. Oktober 2018

Did you ever had the need to sync your git repository hosted on a Gitlab CE instance to another git...

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12. August 2018

In the previous guides of this series, we have seen how to set up auto deployment and to auto...

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14. Juli 2018

Red Hat OpenShift is a container application platform that brings docker and Kubernetes to the...

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18. Mai 2018

This guide walks you through the process setting up your configuration for generation and publishing...