Portfolio and Risk Management

Energy trading with all of its complexities place market participants in front of new challenges each and every day. Continuous monitoring of the market, analyzing all available data and applying the resulting strategies are all decisive for the success of a company. Quantitative models support companies with pricing, risk assessments and the determination of exposure for complex portfolios.

Our EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management solution supports your portfolio management process every step of the way, offering multi-commodity support, great flexibility, a high degree of automation and full integration with your IT landscape. Whether you operate it locally using your own IT infrastructure or install it in the cloud remains fully up to you.

Your Challenges

You want to be at the forefront of market developments and seize new opportunities as fast and efficiently as possible. You need an IT landscape that is able to handle rising volumes and increasing market complexity. Your ETRM solution in particular needs to be able to expand as your transaction volumes are going up, adjust flexibly to market changes and be sufficiently open to connect to new systems and platforms. And all this whilst being able to manage the risks that come along with new opportunities like automated trading and with real-time information capability so that users can be kept up to date across devices ranging from computers to tablets to smartphones.

Our Offer

EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management provides you with the comprehensive support you need to manage and evaluate your energy portfolio. The solution scales the size and complexity of your company portfolio, allowing you to use it across a wide range of use cases and also operate it side by side with existing solutions. With EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management you can implement your portfolio strategies for all types of energy products using a process-based approach and continuously optimise them. Plus, EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management can be integrated efficiently with your existing software solutions to provide a genuine end-to-end process, from trading to settlement.With EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management you can stay ahead of the game and easily handle not only your growing intraday business but also the ever-increasing pace in the renewable energy market.

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Portfolio and Position Management

Credit Limit Management

Cloud Using



Your Benefits

Seize new Market Opportunities
Benefit from a solution that supports OTC web platforms and algorithmic trading as well as a range of add-ons.

Get ready for the Future
Operate a sustainable solution offering cloud support and scalability thanks to a state-of-the-art microservices architecture.

Create Transparency
Use the customisable dashboard to visualise your data fast, flexibly and transparently.

Draw on Expert Know-how
For further assistance in specific areas we work with our longstanding partners so that you can benefit from their profound expertise.

Grow Revenue
An end-to-end process and automated routines allow you to focus on your portfolio management activities.

Minimise Risk Exposure
A broad variety of risk functions help you identify market risks, manage limits and eliminate error sources.

Stay independent
Integrate the solution easily into your existing IT landscape and operate it independently of existing software components.

Gain Flexibility
Structure and segregate your portfolio just how you need it.

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