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EXXETA AG strives to offer its customers the best possible service. As a result, EXXETA cooperates with various partner companies that complement our service portfolio. The aim of these partnerships is to create added value for the customer.


Cooperation with research facilities

EXXETA is a member of the Förderverein Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI) Karlsruhe e.V. (friends of the Research Centre for Information Technology association).
The association is a network of companies and other incorporated organizations that benefit from the association‘s network to exchange knowledge about methodical, technological and economic developments in the field of innovative information technology. 

Information membership in the German Investment Funds Association BVI
(Bundesverband Investment und Asset Management e.V.)

The membership opens up a new source of information on the topics investment, asset management and regulatory. Our employees gain access to a broad range of services, events and training opportunities offered by the BVI and benefit from the exchange with other experts.

Membership in the Association of German Treasurers
(Verband Deutscher Treasurer e. V.)

The Association of German Treasurers is the leading professional association for corporate treasury. The membership provides EXXETA employees with access to a powerful treasury network and allows them to expand their network by attending symposiums and regional meetings.

Membership ITA IT Automotive Service Partner e.V.

The ITA aim is to promote the information flow between automobile manufacturers and suppliers as well as information and communication technology companies. A wide range of workshops, conferences, theme-based gatherings or symposia, build’s an excellent networking and education platform for our employees.

Partnership Insurance Forums Leipzig

The insurance forums Leipzig are considered the service providers for research and development in the insurance industry. The partnership enables EXXETA employees to exchange personal experiences in a network of more than 200 insurance companies, branch-specific service and consultancy companies, and recognized professorships and teaching staffs on current topics and trends.