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  3. Donation campaign 2018


We continue our tradition of supporting social projects helping disadvantaged children.

For the projects in Karlsruhe, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Leipzig, we rely on the concept "Donate once, help twice" established by the Agentur für soziale Kooperationen (Agency for Social Cooperation). The basic principle of the concept is that the organisations receive no monetary support but products which were exclusively produced in sheltered workshops for the disabled or visually impaired. This has a dual effect: social organisations receive high-quality material donations and sheltered workshops receive additional orders.

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Organisations we support this year

Playground Günther-Klotz-Anlage in Karlsruhe
The playground Günther-Klotz-Anlage is a pedagogically supervised construction playground. Children from the age of 6 can build, climb, work, play and implement their own ideas independently. Website (available in German only)

Frankfurt Association for Social Homes in Frankfurt
The association supports women who are affected or threatened by violence or who find themselves in a social emergency with a comprehensive range of services. In addition to a wide range of counselling services, this includes, in particular, several women's shelters that take in women and their children affected or threatened by violence. Website (available in German only)

STELP e.V. in Stuttgart
"STELP e.V. – supporter on site" is a civil aid organization from Stuttgart. With a network of countless volunteers and sponsors, the association supports aid projects directly on site in the Philippines, Turkey and Uganda. Website (available in German only)

Association for the assistance of diabetic children and adolescents in Leipzig
The association supports diabetic children and adolescents and their parents from the Leipzig area and beyond through activities and offers. The aim is to help affected children and their families with the daily challenges and to offer help without great bureaucratic effort. Website (available in German only)

Little Big Hero Foundation in Switzerland
"Little Big Hero" is a subfoundation of the Rütli Foundation, the umbrella foundation for non-profit organizations in Switzerland. The foundation supports the pedagogical support in the hospital school at the Children's Hospital Zurich and a pilot project of the hospital clowns to accompany especially those children who frequently have to go to hospital. Website (available in German only)

Crisis Centre Dúha in Slovakia
The crisis centre Dúha in Bratislava is the first-contact and prevention facility for social services, serving as a point of reference in cases of acute threats to the health, life, and proper upbringing of an underage child or adolescent. Website


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