The B2B platform for European power trading

The B2B platform for power trading


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Every day, supply and demand are brought together at power auctions on European exchanges. In addition to the day-ahead auctions of the coupled markets, the exchanges offer further regional auctions for various market areas.

EXXETA.auctions is developed for traders, portfolio managers and asset planners who manage positions in European market areas and want to use a uniform and efficient web front-end. The European power markets are waiting for you.

EXXETA.auctions is a uniform platform for participation in various auctions of European exchanges.



European power markets at hand

User friendly UI

Powerful API

Fits your system landscape

Access to European power markets

Bids can be placed via a web browser or via an API. EXXETA.auctions thus represents the key as a uniform B2B platform for electricity trading at European auctions.

An indirect market access for day-ahead auctions for your clients with integrated netting and booking.

With EXXETA.auctions you can finally expand your trading strategy!

User centered interface

As a white label solution EXXETA.auctions can be adapted to your needs through a corporate branding.

The innovative user interface unifies access to different European stock exchanges and thus facilitates the placement of bids.

As a slim web app, EXXETA.auctions impresses with its intuitive operating concept. Ingenious!

Powerful API

Use the EXXETA.auctions API to connect your systems.

Automated bid creation, booking of transactions on ETRM systems, integration of your electricity markets, price forecasts, etc.

REST-API gives you central access to the functionalities necessary to map your processes. Uniform for all exchanges and exchange products that are connected or will be connected in the future. The API naturally complies with the European data security standards for energy suppliers.

Integrated into your system landscape

Single Sign On and automatic booking of trades.

By using current and proven technologies, EXXETA.auctions integrates seamlessly into your system landscape.

The connection of a position management system using the API is just one example among many of how EXXETA.auctions can be integrated into your system landscape.

Thanks to our white label approach, even the user interface adapts to your company!

One unified platform for all European power auctions.
Cloud based. For you and your clients.


Join our user group meeting

Take the chance and participate with your colleagues in our user group meetings every third week! Your input becomes an important part of our software development while you will be informed about every step of the progress. Give input directly on the screens and actively exchange ideas with our team and other power users. We are looking forward to meeting you!

  • Be part of the engineering process
  • Meet other power users
  • Give important input and shape the product
  • Get all important information first

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Get in touch

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Get in touch

Burkhard Niklasch

Key Account Manager

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