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The future of automobile development lies in the area of information technology. The catchphrase “connected car“ has sparked a race to develop the most innovative solutions for optimum user experiences. This has led companies and innovation consulting towards targeted development and promoted innovation in this sector. However, it is not only the networking of the vehicle, but also the need for efficient IT-supported processes that make the continuous updating of IT architectures workflows necessary. With optimised business processes and state-of-the-art technologies, productivity and competitive advantages can be improved.

Place your trust in our extensive project experience and expertise within the automobile industry.

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Connected Car

The networking of vehicles with external systems or devices (e.g. mobile phones) is one of the fastest growing topics in the automotive sector. EXXETA has made a valuable contribution to the networking between driver and vehicle, as well as the linking of various systems for customer and vehicle data, in order to create a close connection between vehicle, manufacturer, workshop, dealer and customer.