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The Internet of Things ( IoT ) is finding its way into more and more areas. In various projects and application scenarios, communication between devices is made possible and the information gained is used for digital business. Especially in the automotive industry, IoT offers great potential. The production of vehicles, connected service providers and logistics, but also the vehicles themselves offer a wide range of possibilities for networking and evaluating data.

With EXXETA IoT Production Solutions we support you in the realization of projects around Internet of Things for production lines in the automotive environment. According to our mission "Connecting worlds" we help companies to find and implement new and innovative ways to connect different devices and their monitoring via the Internet.

Your challenges

Digital change offers unprecedented possibilities for redesigning work processes in production lines. From the variety of possibilities, you would like to evaluate the greatest potential for your company and implement solutions optimized specifically for your requirements. In order to increase the efficiency of your production, data must be obtained from a wide variety of device sources, processed and made available for evaluation. In order to comply with quality standards, you want simple monitoring of the data obtained via the Internet. The devices and solutions already used in your company are to be standardized, access to data standardized and the information prepared according to its use. With the realization of a "Smart Factory" you want to increase the productivity of your production line and achieve even better cost efficiency.

Our offer

With EXXETA IoT Production Solutions we support you in the realization of Internet of Things solutions for your production line. We help you to find and implement new and innovative ways of connecting different devices and monitoring them via the Internet. We combine our extensive experience in the automotive industry with our expertise in IoT and mobile development and develop individual solutions specifically for your requirements.

Our methodical know-how enables the agile implementation of projects using Scrum. Our many years of project experience offer a wide range of technologies, for example HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript and WebGL can be used for web-based implementation. In order to meet the requirements of a production-critical environment, automated tests can also be set up, if required in conjunction with Continuous Integration.

Your benefits

Internet of Things offers your company a wide range of possibilities for networking devices and collecting data. With the implementation of your individual IoT solutions, you can profit from a higher efficiency of your production line. Ensure compliance with quality standards through standardized data handling and the availability of evaluations via the Internet.

With EXXETA IoT Production Solutions, we offer you the ideal combination of many years of project experience in the automotive industry and profound know-how in the use of new technologies to implement innovative solutions.