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New competitors, new framework conditions, new specifications: the energy sector is currently changing at a rapid pace. In order to be successful in this hotly contested market, new and innovative ways for increasing productivity and developing new products and services must be found. An IT landscape that align's the energy sector requirements can help to increase the efficiency of internal business processes. Solutions that are customised specifically for the energy trade improve risk assessments and decision-making.

Energy Solutions

We offer standardized as well as individual solutions for all market roles in the energy sector with a broad process coverage from market access to exchanges and brokers to portfolio management and invoicing.

Energy Markets and Trading
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Portfolio and Risk Management
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Energy Logistics & Operations
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Transmission & Commercial Grid Management
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Energy Storage
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Marketing & Sales
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Market Data Information & Communication
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Thanks to its many years of practical and industry experience, EXXETA has sound knowledge of gas industry processes, applications and their operation, and develops and operates state-of-the-art IT solutions for its customers. EXXETA offers manufacturer- and technology-independent holistic cloud services from strategy, usage patterns and innovation to technical implementation and operation – all from a single source.

EXXETA Energy Suite

Benefit from a full range of energy market-specific services, based on the combination of technical expertise, customized solutions and IT services.


Well integrity management plays an important role for the storage and E&P industry. Recent industry standards, such as API, ISO and NORSOK, give guidance on how well operators should assess and monitor the integrity, safety and reliability of their entire well inventory. The bohris.cloud wellbore information system addresses these issues - highly scalable, flexible and available from anywhere.