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The general transition towards a sustainable energy supply system (the so-called “energy transition”) and increasing regulation constantly create new challenges for the energy market. The rapid development of technologies leads to both increasing demands on internal processes and structures as well as growing expectations of business partners. Innovation is the key to successful business development because it enables even closer ties to existing customers whilst also attracting new ones, thereby generating a competitive advantage. Especially innovations in the digital transformation of business models and processes in the energy sector have increasingly been taking centre stage. 

EXXETA's Energy Consulting experts have a great deal of expertise in delivering successful energy market projects. We know the challenges our customers are facing and can implement tailored solutions to meet their needs. With our support, companies can implement their regulatory requirements, optimize their processes and IT structures and realize innovations, all whilst profiting from a transfer of knowledge to their firm.

Your challenges

New technologies, increasing digitization and growing regulatory requirements create new challenges for your business. In order to be able to meet legal requirements and increase your company's efficiency, adjustments need to be made at all levels, from developing new business strategies and making changes to organizational structure to modifying business and IT processes. IT structures that have developed historically need to be adapted, any lack of process automation needs to be resolved and IT strategies need to be aligned with the business strategy to find new ways of gaining and retaining customers and so securing the market position. It is essential to engage all stakeholders in creating the ideal solution for your company so that it gains widespread acceptance from the start.

Our offer

Thanks to our holistic consulting approach, we provide consulting services that cover all relevant aspects necessary to ensure a successful transformation and implementation of the requirements of all stakeholders.

  • Advice on all industry, process and organizational matters relevant for your business
  • Analysis and optimization of your requirements
  • Joint development of concepts and innovative solutions
  • Project support
  • Implementation of your change processes
  • Application of methodological knowledge
  • Providing basic and in-depth understanding of the energy sector in a playful way
  • Train your staff on how to handle processes and products

EXXETA Energy Consulting offers a comprehensive consulting portfolio and is the ideal basis to implement the solution best suited to your needs.

Information & Transformation
  • Creating innovations with the aid of design thinking
  • Developing digitization strategies
Business & Processes
  • Efficiently implementing business process management
  • Successfully establishing ISMS in the company
Market Research & Regulation
  • Keeping track of regulatory changes
  • Carrying out market studies and cost/benefit analyses
IT & Software
  • Using services to reduce costs and design more efficient processes
  • Developing IT strategies and acting in a targeted manner
  • Saving time and reducing stress through correct requirements engineering
  • Use of design thinking methods to create innovative solutions
  • Faster onboarding of new staff
  • Keeping control of your process and product range and using it efficiently

Your benefits

  • Review and optimize your business strategy in line with your innovation, digitization and regulatory requirements.
  • Optimize your IT strategy so as to reflect the requirements of your business strategy.
  • Implement targeted solutions that optimally match the needs of your company and achieve the best results as regards scope, time and costs.
  • Increase the efficiency of your internal processes.
  • Benefit from the widespread acceptance of your solutions ensured by stakeholder engagement.
  • Rely on our expertise based on an ideal combination of excellent industry and IT know-how coupled with methodological knowledge.
  • Benefit from a professional, standardized and transparent project management.
  • Use our tried-and-tested training concept and individual knowledge transfers to extend your internal process and product knowledge.