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The large number of changes to the regulatory framework both now and in the future mean that the capacity market is in a great state of flux. New, more complex and short-term legal transactions involve major challenges for all market participants. As a trader, you can improve the mapping and handling of your legal transactions on the capacity market with EXXETA Contract and Capacity.

Benefit from the Support of the Following Processes and Functions

  • Capacity management and administration of business partners
  • Management of network models (modelling of commercial network models, parameterisation of objects specific to a particular network model)
  • Generic time series model
  • Specific object model
  • Visualisation of time series and of capacity bookings and utilisation
  • Entering and allocation of capacity bookings
  • Handling of declaration lists/notices
  • Capacity tariffs (individual tariffs per network point and TSO)
  • Function wizards

How you benefit from EXXETA Contract and Capacity

  • Full and reliable mapping and handling of a variety of legal transactions in the area of capacity management
  • Easy management, calculation and visualisation of specific transport capacity fees related to netpoints and TSOs
  • Transaction security through user friendly and supporting wizards for the handling of a wide range of capacity transactions and transport capacity fees
  • Transparency and clarity thanks to complete time series model and superimposed visualisation functions
  • Increase in efficiency thanks to a firm basis for secure and automated market communication in the case of a return/surrender of capacities etc.
  • Increase in operational excellence of business and technical capacity management processes thanks to high-performance handling and traceability of business transactions
  • Guaranteed conformity with capacity management requirements thanks to flexibility and simplicity
  • Simple integration into your system landscape thanks to clearly documented interfaces

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