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Our Power Tool: EXXETA Forecast (based on metalogic) is a self-learning modelling and forecasting system that uses training data to independently identify the relevant factors influencing the forecast and provides a forecast reliably and quickly without the need for any actual data beforehand. EXXETA Forecast (based on metalogic) provides you with crucial support when it comes to classifying new customers. With only a little training data, you can achieve stable results and obtain a clear basis for decision-making when it comes to energy contract management.

Benefit from the Support of the Following Processes and Functions

  • Weather service links
  • Group functionality (grouping by function/topic)
  • Unlimited number of forecast calculation projects
  • Any type of forecast (gas, electricity, district heat, wind)
  • Multiple forecasting methods (e.g. artificial neural networks, nearest neighbour, similar day method)
  • Comprehensive statistical functionality
  • Automated notifications (alert functions)
  • Connections to third-party systems possible
  • Visualisation of data
  • Process control, configuration and monitoring
  • Customer-specific extensions (plug-ins) possible

How You Benefit from EXXETA Forecast (based on metalogic)

  • Unlimited number and combinations of influencing factors
  • Numerous parameters for load profile forecasts are taken into account (e.g. temperature, day type, global radiation and season)
  • Integration of individual developments and conditions (e.g. market prices)
  • Integrated public holiday calendar
  • Constant updating of forecasts thanks to extremely short computation times (data are virtually “real-time” in the current context)
  • Enormous simplification of regularly occurring portfolio management work processes
  • Forecasting processes are tightly linked to market role-specific balancing and nomination rules for customer, station and network loads and quantities

Long-standing and Successful Partnerships

EXXETA cooperates with the software manufacturer metalogic GmbH from Munich in marketing the forecasting system EXXETA Forecast.

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