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The increasing process speed in contract handling, the large number of products and contracts as well as the extensive communication required with every business partner are special features of the European energy market. To operate efficiently and therefore remain competitive is both a challenge and an essential requirement for all market participants. EXXETA Operations Solution as a standardised software solution helps you to act quickly and reliably on the market.

Benefit from the Support of the Following Processes and Functions

  • Nomination and renomination management (for natural gas and biogas)
  • Balancing group management (calculation, monitoring, evaluation)
  • European market models and rules
  • Scheduling/contract handling based on operational contract management rules
  • Extended processing of thresholds and limits
  • Administration of business partners as well as of commodity, storage and balancing group contracts
  • Function wizards
  • Entering and allocation of capacity bookings
  • Handling of declaration lists/notices

How You Benefit from EXXETA Operations Solution

  • Compliance with European regulations and market rules
  • Efficient balancing and nomination of cross-country portfolios at a click
  • Smooth handling of complex message processing procedures in European gas trading
  • Integrated and expandable business domain and process model
  • Convenient advance preparations in the case of changes to the portfolio
  • Improved market reputation as reliable partner for process management

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