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In energy trading, the driving force behind competitive energy markets, the demands placed on efficiency and agility are rising. Since the liberalization of the energy sector, the different trading platforms have been emerging at an accelerating pace. With our energy trading solutions, EXXETA helps you to stay on top of things, to gain exposure to all the relevant markets and to make your trading activities more efficient.

Companies that are involved in energy trading have to embrace the challenges if they want to achieve lasting success in a market. These fragmented, volatile markets have varying liquidity and tend to lack transparency, and can be characterized by a range of different instruments and divergent market practices. This requires an integrated and flexible access through an easy-to-use, functionally mature front-end solution. Manual methods of trading using e.g. a telephone, fax or email are error-prone and should be replaced by integrated solutions in the form of continuous IT support.

By connecting our product range to common commercial systems (OpenLink Endur, Allegro, IRM, Murex Commodities) we enable the realization of Straight Through Processing between the front and middle office.

EXXETA Energy Trader

Multi-commodity and multi-market combined in one solution

EXXETA Internal Market

Accelerate your internal trading workflows

EXXETA Market Adapter

Your fully managed data center

EXXETA Market Adapter Portal

Market data storage and distribution made easy

EXXETA Algorithmic Trading Solution

The EXXETA Algorithmic Trading Solution offers flexible possibilities for the automation of processes in the energy products trade.

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