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The liberalisation of the energy market will come of age this year, and has thus reached a certain level of maturity. A series of new participants have entered the market: new supply companies competing for end customers, independent transmission system operators, formerly part of the large energy companies, and traders who operate in the energy exchanges primarily through hedging or speculation.
At the same time, the growth in renewable energies has created an increase in the various influencing factors on the market events, the development of new tradeable electricity products and the emergence of many smaller producers and direct marketers without their own large trade departments. The increased complexity in the market leads to a demand for ever-more-specific trading tools and greater automation of the trading process.

The EXXETA Algorithmic Trading Solution offers flexible possibilities for the automation of processes in the energy products trade.

Your challenges

The energy industry finds itself in a state of continual transformation. Alongside the expansion of renewable energies, trading activity in the European energy markets is growing further. Additional products, high volatility and short lead times up to physical delivery increase the demands on companies wanting to exist and act in this market. Agile risk management and transparent support for decision-making are becoming increasingly important.

Alongside these challenges, intra-day energy trading offers new options for returns to be tapped into.

Our offer

The EXXETA Algorithmic Trading Solution, with its solution components from the EXXETA Internal Market and the Automated Trading Extension Framework, offers flexible possibilities for the automation of trading processes. This way the existing software can be expanded directly by the client to include components with their own algorithms, for example a trading strategy. The integration of internal information systems and their incorporation as part of automated trading strategies opens up a broad spectrum of possible applications here.

Your benefits

The EXXETA Algorithmic Trading Solution offers a high degree of flexibility. Prefabricated, configurable trading algorithms are bringing down entry barriers to the world of algorithmic trading. A user-friendly dashboard offers a high level of transparency across the activities and all the relevant data from the algorithms. Furthermore, this dashboard offers the possibility of intervention in the configuration at any time, such as a "stop" function for the rapid deactivation of algorithms. The backtesting solution enables a company to thoroughly test its own trading algorithms. The comparison of various trading strategies is thus made easy, and this enables direct quantification thanks to defined evaluation metrics. Through the use of the EXXETA Internal Market, you get a maximum degree of control and can carry out trading activities within the company cost-effectively. The EXXETA Algorithmic Trading Solution thus enables you to save costs and tap into new options for returns.