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The speed of the market, the wide variety of energy exchanges and the changing circumstances place high demands on players in energy trading. EXXETA Energy Trader is a comprehensive solution, which includes all customary functions for the energy market platforms. EXXETA Energy Trader provides you with flexibility for individual adaptations and supports you in reducing response times and maximizing marketability.

With EXXETA Energy Trader you benefit from a uniform alternative to using a variety of trading frontends. The user interface which is connected to various stock exchanges and markets can be adapted specifically to your needs and provides active support for more efficient trading.

Your challenges

Constantly increasing demands placed on energy trading require:

  • a complete view of fragmented, volatile markets with varying liquidity, with a variety of instruments and diverging market usages
  • an integrated, flexible access to the markets via an easy-to-operate, functionally engineered frontend
  • consistent IT support for the trading processes and the replacement of error-prone manual trading processes based on telephone, fax or e-mail
  • the seamless incorporation of trading into the company organization or group with the aim of increasing trade margins and reducing costs

Our offer

High performance meets cutting-edge functionalities: The EXXETA Energy Trader offers special trading views for the different roles traders fulfill.

These views include market making, an overview for the whole market, management of own orders and an order book viewer. Furthermore the Energy Trader offers functionalities to monitor the market automatically. Via the electronic eye arbitrage opportunities can be identified.


Currently, EXXETA Energy Trader can be connected to the following markets:

  • EEX Derivatives
  • EEX Spot (Gas + EUA Spot)
  • EPEX Spot
  • ICE® (IntercontinentalExchange) / ECX (European Climate Exchange)
  • ICE® Endex
  • Nasdaq OMX® Commodities (former Nord Pool)
  • Nord Pool Spot
  • Trayport® GlobalVision Trading Gateway℠
    • Trayport-based exchanges, e.g. PEGAS, CEGH, PXE, HUPX
    • Various brokers, e.g. GFI, ICAP, Marex Spectron, TFS, Griffin Markets
  • Customer Specific Markets (if required please ask for it)

Your benefits

With EXXETA Energy Trader you benefit from a uniform UI and therefore reduced complexity when trading on the markets. The solution simplifies cross-commodity trading with the consolidation of the order books of various markets into one order book.

Special views and features provide better support for the different roles in the trading process. The quoting sheet, for example, is oriented towards the needs of the market makers. It makes it easier for them to monitor quotes that are on the market at the same time. From price and volume shifts across product groups, through automatic sell-off protection when the market is moving quickly, right up to algorithmic calculation of the quotes. These are just some of the features that make market making easier for you.

Additional views when entering and modifying orders provide similar support. The particular focus here is on the compact and flexible presentation of market actions and the option to be able to quickly enter and adjust orders. So you have a complete overview of the relevant information and can trade promptly as needed.

EXXETA Energy Trader has a calculation core which informs you about market opportunities with implicit prices. Synthetic order types enable you to use trading tactics that the markets do not offer. In doing so they help to unify trading on the markets.

The booking module provides the option to record your trades in your middle and back-office systems. It is designed to be integrated into your landscape via a connection that is unique to each customer. As a result we offer you the option of fully electronic straight-through processing (STP) throughout the entire trading process.

These are some examples of the benefits this proven range of functions can offer you. In addition we offer you the option to adapt the EXXETA Energy Trader to suit your needs and requirements and to expand it.

Benefit from complete flexibility when choosing the correct market access for your business requirements (time, costs, scope) and take advantage of the modular design for quickly adding further markets to the EXXETA Energy Trader.

Benefit from our broad energy trading expertise and our experience in the development of energy market-specific solutions.