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Market data at a glance: EXXETA Market Adapter is a fully managed data center.

EXXETA Market Adapter is a modular solution that offers a central point of information for trades and real-time market data offering all data fields from the underlying markets.It distributes trade and market data over various channels to supply systems of any size from a simple Excel Sheet to a full-blown position management system.


EXXETA Market Adapter allows straightforward connectivity. One central data feed engine connects markets and your backend systems.

EXXETA Market Adapter provides three different data streams:

  • Trades of the own company for straight-through processing to the ETRM system
  • All market trades
  • Orderbook snapshots and a continuous orderbook feed

For own trades and all market trades, all available data fields from all of the connected markets are provided. The data fields can easily be distinguished between general fields available for all markets and market-specific fields. Out-of-the-box, the data is provided in the following ways:

  • In XML format via a JMS-compliant messaging system, e.g. Tibco EMS, IBM Websphere MQ, ActiveMQ
  • As Rendezvous Certified Messages (RVCM) via Tibco Rendezvous
  • In Oracle database tables (10g or 11g)


EXXETA Market Adapter can be connected to almost every exchange and broker system. Currently, EXXETA Market Adapter can be connected to the following markets:

  • EEX Power Derivatives (EEX + Powernext Futures)
  • EEX Power Spot (Gas + EUA Spot)
  • EPEX Spot
  • ICE® (Intercontinentalexchange) / ECX (European Climate Exchange)
  • ICE® Endex including Spot
  • Nasdaq OMX® Commodities (former Nord Pool)
    • Trayport® GlobalVision Trading- Gateway℠
    • Trayport-based exchanges, e.g. PEGAS , CEGH , PXE , HUPX
  • Nord Pool Spot
  • Various brokers, e.g. GFI, ICAP, Marex Spectron, TFS, Griffin Markets
  • CME ClearPort® (Nymex®/CBOT/Green Exchange)
  • Customer Specific Markets (if required please ask for it)

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