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Central and Standardised Customer Management: Our products in the sales area support mid- and upstream traders with their specific customer groups and products. EXXETA also has experience in setting up custom sales portals.


EXXETA Sales Manager is your central customer contact management system:

  • Central administration of companies / locations / contacts
  • Grouping, attribution of the above-mentioned data
  • Use of data pool for integrated mass mailings and mail merge functions
  • Administration of portal access rights and permissions (incl. authorisation control and mail despatch to login owners)
  • Customer self-care functions to enrich data pool by web users
  • Registration and activation processes
  • Event-driven export to downstream systems


The systematic sale of specific products is simple with EXXETA Sales Manager:

  • Creation and management of business partner data and contacts
  • Management of customer contacts (creation of customer contact, task, reminder and follow-up functions)
  • System-supported credit assessment incl. setting of credit limits
  • Automated enquiry, offer and contract procedure based on standardised product categories and attributes
  • Large number of pre-defined product categories (flat gas deliveries, pre-defined delivery schedule, flexible nomination-based deliveries, full-supply swing contract, residual supply swing contract etc.)
  • Pre-configured price models (fixed price, index product, tranche model etc.)
  • Parameterization of offers and automated generation of offers and contract documents via configurable text modules
  • Dual control for role-dependent handling and release processes
  • Transparent overview of customer cockpits and reporting functions
  • Integration in standard office environment

Your benefits

  • Customer information distributed at various locations can be managed and followed up centrally
  • Modern customer contact management via Customer Self Care Portal
  • A CRM system that can map the products of a mid- and upstream trader

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Sascha Gering


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