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Developments in the energy market, such as continuously increasing trading volumes on the intraday market, the increasing spread of auto/algorithmic trading and the digitalisation of OTC trades by establishing web platforms, open up new business opportunities every day. These developments present your energy trading and IT landscape with new challenges that need to be overcome.

EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management offers you a wide range of opportunities.

Your challenges

On the one hand, you want to take advantage of new market opportunities as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your IT landscape must take into account the increasing short-term nature, the increasing volume requirements and the increasing complexity of the market. This applies particularly to your Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) solution, because it must grow with the transaction volume, react flexibly to market innovations and be open for the connection of new systems and energy platforms. It must manage the risks of new possibilities such as automated trading functions and provide real-time information on various terminal devices, from PCs to tablets and mobile phones.

On the other hand, there are still challenges such as saving costs, increasing efficiency, implementing new regulations promptly and asserting oneself against new market players.

Our solution

EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management (EPRM) is the EXXETA ETRM system and the interface for a continuous process from your trading systems to the settlement and billing of your energy trading products. It provides you with comprehensive support in the management and evaluation of your energy portfolios. The EPRM scales the size and complexity of your company portfolio, allowing you to use it across a wide range of use cases:

  • Classic energy trading portfolio and risk management for all market levels from wholesaler and producer to final distributor/industrial operation
  • Focused sales portfolio management with standard and non-standard transactions
  • Trade-focused position management for example for very fast intraday position management and evaluation
  • Specific energy sales such as asset and direct marketing (generation forecast, position management, market connection, handling of schedule management and nomination)

It is also possible to use the EPRM exclusively as a supplement to existing portfolio solutions as a specific, high-performance tool, for example for your intraday trading in connection with an algo trading solution for electricity or gas.

You can structure your portfolio according to your personal wishes, parallel to the accounting specifications, evaluate it during the day, continuously benchmark it and automate process steps. The EPRM can be integrated efficiently with your existing software solutions to provide a genuine end-2-end process, from trading to settlement.

The EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management solution will relieve your portfolio management of routine activities, minimize risks and provide information that continuously improves your portfolio strategies. The required data is determined by a stochastic multi-commodity evaluation and made available in EPRM as well as via the reporting functionalities in real time.

In addition, EPRM enables process-supported implementation and continuous optimization of your portfolio strategies for all energy products.

EXXETA ETRM directly supports current market developments such as increasing short-termism as well as algo trading on the intraday market (e.g. EPEX SPOT, Nordpool Spot) or establishing OTC web platforms (e.g. Tender365.energy/en) through open interfaces. For example, renewable energies or flexibility of your power plants can be optimally and highly automated marketed.

Your benefits

With EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management you get a networked, flexible and tailor-made software solution that optimally supports you in managing and optimising your multi-commodity portfolios (electricity, gas, CO2, coal, oil, etc.). With extensive analysis capabilities, your portfolio strategies are continuously improved and your portfolio management can increase the contribution margin for the company while your risk management keeps an eye on the risks.

A high end-2-end automation from trading to settlement is achieved, e.g. by networking the EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management with your software – from the trading front end (e.g. EXXETA Energy Trader or native exchange front end) to the settlement solution (e.g. EXXETA Nomination Gas or Power).

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The modern microservices architecture will enable you to easily exploit future market opportunities as well and to map them in the software solution. Out-of-the-box, there is already extensive support for algorithmic trading and networking to various OTC platforms. In addition, the solution is openly designed and there is the option of implementing system extensions (add-ons) independently.

With full cloud support and extensive scaling options based on a modern microservices architecture, you ensure the future viability of your trading solution and create the possibility of targeted savings in infrastructure costs.

Visualize flexibly all data available in the system, get a quick overview of your individually modeled dashboard and benchmark your portfolio strategies against the market.


Screenshot EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management Dashboard

Use our highly flexible filters to design your portfolio structures according to your wishes and make detailed breakdowns as you need them in your daily work. In addition, book structures can be maintained easily and clearly in a graphical user interface.

An end-2-end process mapping – from energy procurement to sales to settlement – as well as automated routine activities enable you to concentrate on profit-enhancing and cost-reducing portfolio management activities such as optimizing your energy procurement, automated sales of your generation plants or hedging your positions.


Screenshot EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management Exposure

Identify market risks at an early stage using powerful analyses (e.g. Monte Carlo simulations) and maintain limits for various areas such as risk indicators (Value at Risk [VaR], Profit & Loss [P&L/PnL], Mark to Market [MtM], etc.), contracts, portfolios, organisations or trading persons. Minimize sources of error through risk functions such as the principle of dual control, automated checks, individually configurable release processes and automated risk communication.

For specific topics such as PFC generation or power plant optimization, we rely on established partners with proven expertise, because we see great added value and quality advantages for our customers in having these services provided by specialists. These interfaces can also be used to connect already established partner solutions.

Our EPRM solution can be easily integrated into your existing IT landscape and is independent of existing software components. The interfaces are implemented using open standards so that you can exchange connected software solutions at any time and thus quickly switch to new or more suitable market solutions.

Our offer

Our EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management solution supports your portfolio management process every step of the way, offering multi-commodity support, great flexibility, a high degree of automation and full integration with your IT landscape.


Contract Management System




Portfolio and Position Management


Portfolio Evaluation and Optimisation


Commercial and Physical Scheduling


Billing Preparation


Risk Management


Credit Limit Management




Our solution is technically ready within a few days. You can decide whether you want to operate the EPRM in your own IT infrastructure (on-premises) or prefer a cloud model (SaaS) with an all-round, worry-free service package.

Of course, we can also offer you a free trial of our EXXETA Portfolio and Risk Management software solution in the cloud at any time.

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