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Transmission system operators perform in a dynamic market environment which is shaped to a large extent by European and national regulatory authorities. Against this background, it is important to ensure more efficient business processes are put in place and mapped in an IT system.

By using MTS TSO, transmission system operators will be able to meet the challenges of a liberalised gas market. The modules of our MTS solution portfolio make an important contribution to the improvement of core processes: contract and capacity management, commercial dispatching, billing and reporting. Depending on the customer's specific requirements, we can flexibly combine all the process modules and offer sophisticated operating models (e.g. application service providing or software as a service).

Contract and Capacity
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How You Benefit from MTS TSO

  • Use of consulting and software products for the gas industry conforming to legal and regulatory requirements
  • Ensures quality of results by automating and improving business and technical gas logistic processes
  • Increase in efficiency and improved customer satisfaction
  • Simple and transparent publication of data and reporting to various bodies
  • Flexibility in the selection and adaptation of MTS components and of the operating model
  • Expertise in consulting and implementation of customised and sustainable gas industry solutions

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