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In view of the global demand trend from institutional and private investors towards sustainable investments, many financial market participants face various challenges. The increasing regulatory pressure triggered by the gradual implementation of the EU Action Plan in 2018 is also increasing the speed of implementation in the industry. With the EXXETA Sustainable Finance & ESG-Investments team, we support you both in achieving your strategic goals and in implementing regulatory requirements — with the usual high quality standards.

Your challenges

For the asset management industry, the subject of Environmental, Social, Governance ‒ ESG (investments) represents not only a great opportunity but also a new need for implementation and adjustment. This can begin with the definition of sustainability: From the location of organisational responsibility, the procurement of ESG-data, the selection of methods, the definition of threshold values for individual ESG-factors, the discussion of upcoming regulatory requirements (e.g. the draft regulation on the establishment of a framework to facilitate sustainable investments (often referred to as EU taxonomy) to the question of what effects a requirement has on business processes — or IT systems.

High-level overview of the expected effects using the example of an asset manager's value chain:

Our offer

Our experts in the Sustainable Finance & ESG Investments team offer comprehensive consulting services. As an experienced partner, we are at your side and support you along the entire asset management value chain with a top-down approach.


In the context of embedding ESG-issues in your business strategy, we can advise you on a wide range of issues. For example with:

  •     Positioning in the overall bank context
  •     Definition of strategic approaches and ambitions
  •     Market development analysis
  •     Gap analysis of an existing ESG-strategy

Preparation of Implementation

With the help of a detailed impact analysis, the basis for the preparation of implementation options is created.  We also help you to prepare comprehensive regulatory frameworks, such as the EU taxonomy, for implementation, with a variety of impacts on the value chain in the asset management industry. With the help of an ESG roadmap, smaller projects can be planned as well as the implementation of a company's strategy can be brought within a timeframe.


Tailor-made implementation in the identified areas along the entire asset management value chain, tailored to the client's strategy and needs. We have project experience in both agile and classic project management approaches. The following points are intended to give an overview of some of the topics in which we can support you:

  • Selection of ESG-vendors & integration of ESG-data
  • Coordination and adjustment of investment processes and data flows - adjustment of the data budget may be necessary
  • Review and definition of methods, thresholds and criteria in investment management and risk management
  • Consideration of physical risks and transition risks - in risk models (also in strategy)
  • Publications on ESG-activities and their consideration in risk management (metrics, if applicable) are required
  • Preparation / adaptation of reporting with regard to the ESG-factors relevant for customers - also tool-based possible

Your benefits

We have extensive experience in business and impact analysis. Our in-depth industry knowledge and expertise combined with a track record of numerous successful projects in the regulatory environment and in the ESG-context enable us to take a holistic consulting approach.
These skills enable us to efficiently and effectively implement both regulatory requirements and business policy decisions — and to call in other EXXETA experts, e.g. IT developers, if required.