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In the aftermath of the financial crisis, the bank's bread and butter business, retail and corporate banking, which for many years stood in the shadow of investment banking, is experiencing a resurgence due to the stable, low-risk and less capital intensive business model now adopted by many banks. At the same time, these business units are going through a period of profound change, as they are forced to fight for market share and battle against falling margins due to digitization, intense competition and much stricter regulatory requirements.

EXXETA banking helps you to embrace these challenges. Drawing on our specialist, methodical and technological know-how, we can provide pragmatic support and efficient solutions for your projects to ensure that they are future-proof.

Your challenges

The future viability of the established banks will be challenged by a variety of external developments:

  • The increasing globalization increases the competition between providers of financial services, while at the same time, new entrants such as non-banks and near-banks are coming to the market intensifying the battle for customers.
  • The requirements set by financial and economic policy have become even more important since the financial crisis; the regulatory requirements have become much stricter and new regulations are likely to come going forward. This ties up resources and increases costs.
  • The current low interest rate environment presents a challenge to both individual products and whole business models
  • New technologies offer great opportunities and at the same time create the need for change in organization, processes and IT.
  • Against the background of growing digitization, the demands on data security and privacy are increasing.
  • Changes in customer demand as a result of generational change and digitalization shape the product offerings, services, and communication channels.

One of the biggest challenges facing banks today is to preserve their natural competitive edge and their proximity to customers against the new disruptive market participants and to develop their procedural and technological value chains on the back of increasing digitization.
However, these challenges also present opportunities:

  • The implementation of regulatory requirements can make the organization as a whole more easily manageable
  • Digital technologies allow banks to grow with new services and business models or to develop more efficient cost structures through automation
  • Consistent customer focus opens up new growth potential through an improved customer experience
  • The digitalization on the customer side enables banks to use more efficient interfaces and processes in interaction with the customer.

The challenging environment presents significant growth opportunities that can be seized upon through appropriate measures.

Our offer

Thanks to a pool of banking and technology experts and methodological approaches, EXXETA has the expertise required to assist with specialist banking projects.

We will assist you with the implementation of your strategy from analysis of vulnerabilities and optimization of the operating model to software implementation, including testing and roll-out.
Many of our experts have worked in banking or IT departments for many years and are therefore able to focus on the key issue: helping you find pragmatic and viable solutions and limiting the costs.

The range of banking services offered by EXXETA includes:

  1. Core banking transformation
    selection and implementation of core banking solutions
  2. Modernization of the credit platform
    • Front-to-end optimization or redesign of credit services in the area of retail and corporate loans, real estate financing and non-performing loans
    • Credit process optimization
    • Regulatory requirements
    • Technical implementation
  3. Strategic direction of investment services, including securities back office
    • Assistance in sourcing decisions; implementation of outsourcing or establishment of a retained organization after outsourcing
    • Optimization of existing platforms in-house.
    • Implementation of requirements from MIFID II
  4. Efficiency and security of payment transactions
    Support for the modernization of payment platforms for retail payments, international payments, including clearing and settlement, card-based payments and cash management; advice on the implementation of measures to increase the security of payment transactions (AML, anti-fraud), as well as the implementation of Sepa or PSD II.
  5. Digitization of the customer front-end
    implementation of customer-centric, digital front end architectures to improve the customer experience or to develop new services


Your benefits

Draw on the specialist banking and technological expertise of our consultants and significantly increase the efficiency in the implementation of your requirements. Take advantage of our holistic approach from design to testing and launch and rely on our many years of experience and our methodological knowledge with regard to the implementation of projects on time, on budget and meeting scope and quality objectives.

The EXXETA banking specialists have extensive experience with the implementation of complex projects for major financial institutions and in the various phases of a project cycle. Thanks to our excellent specialist knowledge, we offer a practice-based and holistic consulting approach, taking into account the individual requirements of your company.