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Setting up a forward-looking strategy requires not only fundamental decisions at the highest management level on the desired business, process, organizational and technology setup, but also the definition of concrete measures with which the strategic fields of action can be operationalized and become part of the organization.

With our mix of innovative input, modern workshop design, methodical competence and expertise in strategy development and operationalisation, we provide you with targeted support in this project.

Your challenges

The definition of a corporate, divisional and thematic strategy is complicated by a lack of a common understanding of the interdependencies between market developments, value drivers and internal potentials. Strategy development and adjustment take place under extremely high time pressure, and the necessary distance from everyday operations is often missing. Your company lacks an overview of the methods and frameworks used in the strategic management environment to formulate the strategy, and there is no uniform procedure for sustainable operationalization.

In the area of strategy implementation there are aggravating factors, from the point of view of middle management these are for example:

  • Unclearly formulated strategy and KPIs
  • Inaccurate strategic analysis
  • Neglect of competition
  • Underestimation of environment dynamics
  • Heterogeneous management team, silo thinking yields and conflicts of interest
  • Inconsistent or insufficient communication about the objectives, measures and status of the strategy
  • Lack of identification with the strategy and resulting inconsistency in the implementation of strategic initiatives

Our offer

With EXXETA 360° on Strategy we accompany you in determining the strategic status quo in your company, developing strategy perspectives and identifying the necessary packages of measures for implementation and prioritising them with the help of central portfolio management. In addition, we can support you in setting up or adapting a central portfolio management system with precisely tailored structures, criteria, reporting and control processes to optimize your portfolio selection decisions.

Through the transfer of our expertise from projects in various industries and the contribution of experience from various innovation projects, we offer you the ideal combination of profound transformation knowledge and innovative impulses.

Successive strategy development and adaptation

Strategic position determination

  • Analysis of the current strategic goal achievement and ongoing strategic initiatives
  • Internal company analysis and external market analysis (incl. benchmarks with relevant market participants, if necessary)

Definition of the strategic target state

  • Identification of strategic pressure to act and critical success factors
  • Definition of design principles and development of a high-level business, process, organizational and technology target model tailored to your strategy

Development of strategic perspectives

  • Identification, supplementation and examination of strategic fields of action to achieve the target condition

Derivation of packages of measures (strategic initiatives)

  • Operationalisation of the strategic fields of action into concrete packages of measures
  • Evaluation of the degree of target achievement of the individual packages of measures

Management of strategic initiatives in the central portfolio

  • Establishment/adjustment of central portfolio management to implement packages of measures (strategic initiatives)

Your benefits

With EXXETA 360° on Strategy you benefit from an optimal mix of innovative input, modern workshop design, methodical competence and expertise in strategy development and operationalization. By introducing methodological elements to promote group intelligence from design thinking and the hands-on mentality from rapid prototyping, strategy becomes a haptic and collaborative experience.

Community understanding about today and tomorrow
A clear common understanding of the location of the company, division, department or topic simplifies the decision on future strategic direction and brings forces together.

Clear strategic orientation with concrete fields of action
Through the identification of strategic fields of action and the subsequent operationalization, a clear strategic positioning of the company is achieved. For all stakeholders, the transparency of the strategy is increased and their own plans are visible in the overall context.

Avoiding typical one-way streets through a multi-perspective approach
Our methodical construction kit enables a clear traceability of the identified fields of action. The addition of external perspectives opens up new insights for all stakeholders. Typical one-way streets such as a pure inside-out view are avoided.

High reusability of methodology and transferability of results
Both the results and the methodology make it possible to record the chosen strategy and make adjustments. Furthermore, the methodology can be used and transferred in the company for other application contexts.

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