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Sabrina Geiger
Senior Consultant
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When opening an online bank account, registering in an app or booking a flight - customer or personal data is often required to conclude contracts.  

But how can this data be gathered without the tedious and error-prone manual typing of the identity card?

Efficient recognition of ID card data

To solve these problems, our Machine Learning and Mobile Development experts have developed ID.FY. This iOS Software Development Kit (SDK) - a summary of functions and tools for the development of an iOS app - is the first use case to focus on the recognition of German ID card data.

The iOS SDK handles the extraction and manual insertion of ID card data for users. For this purpose, it analyzes photos of the ID cards and extracts the data on them into a form readable for the corresponding system.  

With this procedure, ID.FY significantly reduces the number of errors caused by manual input and significantly accelerates the process of reading in.

Advantages at a glance

  • Reduced error rate compared to manual entry of the badge data  
  • Reduced costs due to time savings in data acquisition
  • Acceleration of existing processes  
  • Increasing user acceptance due to fast response times and simple operation
  • Increase of the conversion rate
  • Easy integration into new and existing iOS applications
  • Additional acquisition and integration of specialized scanning hardware is not necessary
  • Corporate style guides can be adapted through the SDK
  • High data security through complete offline availability

ID.FY was initially developed exclusively for the recognition of German identity card data. Due to this specialization, the solution achieves an accuracy in data capture of more than 95 percent. The generic implementation of the SDK allows ID.FY to be easily integrated into new and existing applications of companies and organizations - the acquisition and integration of specialized ID card scanning hardware is no longer necessary. The user interface of ID.FY can also be adapted to the corporate design style guides of companies and organisations, which significantly enhances the user experience for the users. Last but not least, data protection and data security play an important role in the collection of ID card data. For this reason, ID.FY is completely available offline after implementation.

 Due to the specialization, the solution achieves an accuracy in data acquisition of more than 95 percent.

A glance into the future

Although the first ID.FY use case was optimized for the German ID card, it is based on a flexible, adaptable core that can be quickly adapted to different document types. We are already working on the extension for German driver's license data.

In order to adapt our solution to the requirements of various industries with structured documents of any form, we are working on an extension for the recognition of further ID cards and documents in the medium term. These include not only official documents, but also applications, forms, receipts and invoices. In the course of digitization, ID.FY can thus help to read the daily piles of paper into the computer, but also to digitize inventory files quickly, cost-effectively and without neglecting data protection. ID.FY thus becomes the link between analogue and digital data.

QR Code Download IDFY - Mobile ID Card Scanner


QR Code Download IDFY - Mobile ID Card Scanner



ID.FY for the identity card has already reached market maturity. Our demo app is available in the AppStore from iOS 13. Convince yourself of its advantages!

We would be pleased to show you useful use cases for the application of ID.FY in your company.

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Sabrina Geiger

Senior Consultant

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