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Agile in the waterfall

Companies continually face the challenge of developing new and innovative business and service models.

Often they follow the motto: Those who want to continue developing have to change. Agility is the keyword. But do the existing structures and processes really stand in the way of the desired, ongoing development? Do approaches, which worked reliably in the past, need to be changed in a revolutionary manner in order to be flexible?

It cannot be constructive to scare or even lose employees and project participants with massive changes. The goal here should be to achieve flexibility where it's needed. So things that are currently working well do not necessarily have to be given up. "Completely" should be added to "Never Change a Winning Team" here, which turns this well-known phrase into a whole new concept. Agility means reacting to customer requirements on time and in an appropriate manner. In this age of digitisation, Industry 4.0 and IoT, this represents a real challenge.

Our expertise

EXXETA is your partner for the introduction of agile methods and their implementation in your individual projects. Our experts for methods, innovation and coaching can help you to exploit the full potential from your agile projects and also provide training for your employees in this regard.

The operationalisation of ideas up until they reach market maturity is a critical factor in digital transformation. Design thinking, technology assessments, Industry 4.0, agile project management methods and innovation strategies represent key aspects of today's innovation policies. EXXETA combines expertise and experience when it comes to methodology-, IT- and management consulting. We would be happy to help your company become more innovative and agile.

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