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Light sabre training with Google Daydream

Virtual reality programming challenges and promotes interdisciplinary know-how. In addition to usability expertise, design and developer skills are also needed. Experience in a gaming context can also help when moving towards 3D. Thanks to its interdisciplinary teams, EXXETA possesses experience in all of these areas. We are taking our time to learn all about new technologies, test areas of application and identify possible use cases.

The testing phase is particularly important, in order to establish a good foundation for the subsequent application. The most important step is turning a playful prototype into a serious business solution, which fulfils both customer and user requirements while providing clear added value.

Our expertise

EXXETA has many years of experience in the development of business applications. Successful multi-sector projects, extensive technology know-how and the required technical expertise are decisive for understanding your technical situation and your requirements.

EXXETA connects worlds. At the moment some of our employees are also dealing with the subjects of augmented reality, virtual reality, visual interfaces, auditive interfaces, chatbots and natural language processing.

Please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to develop a solution together with you.

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AR / VR Expert

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