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“3 Questions, 3 Answers” with Dr. Carsten Leder, Head of Development and Fundamental Issues at Thyssengas GmbH

Thyssengas GmbH is a transmission system operator (TSO) for natural gas based in Dortmund. Thyssengas transports up to 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year over a 4,200 kilometer long underground transport network. Thyssengas is an important natural gas logistics company because of the high degree of networking in the region and with other TSOs. Even before the merger of RWE Transportnetzgas GmbH to Thyssengas GmbH in 2009, EXXETA is a service provider for the TSO.

Thyssengas primarily uses the software products “Contract and Capacity” and “Nomination” from the MTS TSO Suite. MTS “Contract and Capacity” is used for the initiation of transport capacities and handling of capacity bookings. Via MTS “Nomination”, Thyssengas realizes the scheduling of these capacities and the necessary communication with market partners.

Since 2011, Dr. Carsten Leder has been the head of the department for process development and fundamental issues and thus the first point of contact regarding the formulation of technical requirements for EXXETA. Dr. Carsten Leder has taken the time to answer EXXETA 3 questions on the general quality of IT solutions and the satisfaction of EXXETA software products.


EXXETA: Dr. Leder, what is generally important to you regarding IT and software products?

Dr. Leder: First and foremost, it is important to me that the technical requirements from the regulatory requirements and the requirements of our customers are implemented correctly and efficiently. At the same time, the IT solutions are intended to efficiently represent the internal processes. For the employees, this means that they can work with the software product without any errors. It must be flexible, simple and understandable as well as reliable to operate. High system stability is of course also very important. All in all, users must be satisfied.

In the end, however, not only does the finished product count but also the way to it, ie the process to the implementation, is important. Customers and service providers must develop a common understanding of the product and the process. Only in this way is it possible to remain competitive in the long term.

In addition, a software product should be as flexible as possible. If a regulatory requirement is specified by the Federal Network Agency, I as a customer must implement those on time. But, of course, we do not just have regulatory requirements, but we also focus on what our customers need. Therefore, the product should be quickly adaptable to suit all requirements. Since we are turning many rounds with the Federal Network Agency sometimes, we are dependent on the fact that adjustments can be implemented as quickly as possible.

In summary, I can say that a good architecture must be modern, fast, efficient and error-free.


EXXETA: How satisfied are you with EXXETA IT solutions?

Dr. Leder: I think EXXETA products are very powerful. I particularly appreciate the fact that complex processes are well represented at EXXETA. In addition, a high degree of automation of the products and processes is possible. System stability is an important factor in day-to-day business. Here I can see improvements, even it is to be considered that there are always interactions with products of other service providers. Regarding new requirements, I would like to have a faster implementation. In addition to the technical functions the usability of the products for our employees is an important component in system design. We expect EXXETA to introduce proactive further developments. EXXETA and its other customers would certainly benefit from this as a better product will be created as a whole.

With ATLAS* a more modern system architecture is to be developed at EXXETA, which I expect a lot. I hope that an even higher efficiency and speed of EXXETA software solutions is achieved. I hope that our wishes can be realized. In any case I am looking forward to further developments of EXXETA, because modernization of architectures is an important issue for us all.


EXXETA: What current IT developments fascinate you personally?

Dr. Leder: Personally, I find the topic of Big Data very exciting and the question, what added value I can generate with the many different data, which occur everywhere. Even in my dissertation I have been researching how to make meaningful information from data. We are currently investigating where the issue at Thyssengas might be of interest.

Another interesting topic, I think, is the Industry 4.0. By this I mean, for example, the intelligent use of networks using intelligent devices such as sensors to ensure even better network operation.


Dr. Leder, thank you for the interview!


*Note: ATLAS aims to develop a new modern system architecture for existing EXXETA software products. With ATLAS a higher process transparency and simpler system operation are to be achieved as well as a wider usability and scalability for the European market.