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bohris.cloud is the new cloud platform for well integrity management

Well integrity management plays an important role for the storage and E&P industry. Recent industry standards, such as API, ISO and NORSOK, give guidance on how well operators should assess and monitor the integrity, safety and reliability of their entire well inventory. The bohris.cloud wellbore information system developed by EXXETA and ESK addresses these issues - highly scalable, flexible and available from anywhere.

For hydrocarbon production facilities as well as for underground storage facilities, production and injection wells represent an essential link in the operational chain. All wells are subjected to environmental processes and mechanical stresses from production and storage operations lasting several decades. To monitor and evaluate the integrity, safety and reliability of the entire well inventory, both small and large well operators usually still use manual, very time-consuming drawing and documentation processes.



The new solution bohris.cloud, developed by EXXETA and ESK, a globally renown service partner for subsurface engineering, replaces these manual processes. It allows standardized visualization and documentation of the required well data (e.g. casing schemes, well completion schematics) regardless of the well’s spud date and the quality of available documents. Technical details are usefully linked to the geological characteristics encountered during drilling (e.g. stratigraphic layer boundaries) and thus form the basic prerequisite for effective well integrity management.

A central component of well integrity management is well barriers. With bohris.cloud these can be easily defined and displayed in the form of an automatically generated, comprehensive well barrier diagram.

The special feature: bohris.cloud not only works with newly acquired well data. With the help of the open source software Pentaho Data Integration (PDI), inventory data from production systems or other data sources with different formats can also be migrated into the solution.

bohris.cloud is offered by ESK and EXXETA as a software-as-a-service solution - a separate IT infrastructure or installation is not required and initial investment costs are also eliminated. In addition, the platform is being continuously developed and new functions are permanently added. Numerous new features are planned for the next expansion stages, such as the implementation of a menu-driven risk assessment of a defined well stock.

Visit www.bohris.cloud to find out more about the solution