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Continuous Delivery with Microsoft Azure?

An article penned by an EXXETA employee was published in issue 3/2016 of the Windows Developer magazine. The topic of the publication: “Provision of software increments in the cloud”.

Process models such as Scrum or Kanban are already in use for agile software development to realise iterative release cycles. On the one hand, each release of a “build pipeline” needs to pass automated tests (e. g. Unit Tests, QS-Tests or similar). On the other hand, the administration of this process plays an important role. To minimize the effort for provision and to maximize the automation, components such as Visual Studio Online and Microsoft’s Release-Management-Tool can be used to enable Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration.

The provision of software increments on cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure is suited for a fast and flexible performance of these processes in terms of their infrastructural resources and scalability.

>> To the magazine website (available in German only)

Author: Andreas Böhm
Consultant Unified Communications & Collaborations