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Day-ahead auctions via EPEXspot now available with EXXETA.auctions

EXXETA.auctions, the B2B platform for European power trading, has successfully passed the conformance test of the EPEXspot power exchange and is thus qualified for productive use. Traders can now participate in EPEXspot day-ahead auctions. Hourly orders and block orders are tradable. Smart Blocks as well as Half and Quarter Hourly Auctions will also be tradable via EXXETA.auctions shortly.

EXXETA.auctions is aimed at traders, portfolio managers and asset planners who manage positions on European market areas and want to use a uniform web front end for reasons of efficiency. The technical integration into the system landscape is done via the EXXETA.auctions API which is available for the connection of European day-ahead processes (position data, bids, trades, portfolios, etc.) and complies with the European data security standards for energy suppliers.

More information about EXXETA.auctions can be found here: www.EXXETA.auction


PS: In April, EXXETA.auctions successfully passed the conformance test of the Nord Pool power exchange as well.