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EXXETA Interviewed on current trends in Energiespektrum journal

“What really counts is to deliver ideas in days and weeks, not months and years – and to choose the right partners to help you do this.” This is one of the messages Dr Peter Heine, a member of EXXETA AG’s management board, had for energy companies in a recent interview published in the current issue (9 2017) of energiespektrum.

The energiespektrum energy journal covers general industry topics but also features a section titled “People” in which individuals from the energy industry are interviewed on current subjects. In his interview Peter Heine speaks about digital transformation, blockchain, data analytics, algorithmic trading and what’s new at EXXETA apart from last year’s name change.

The interview is titled “Not a matter of IT”. What’s this about? Peter Heine believes that utility companies should approach digitalisation by understanding it as a transformation of their business models. You can read the full interview on current trends and ideas here:

energiespektrum issue 9 2017 EXXETA interview Dr Peter Heine (in German only)

For more information on energiespektrum, please visit: http://www.energiespektrum.de

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