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EXXETA.auctions has a grip on European energy trading

With EXXETA.auctions, EXXETA has created a new way to participate in various auctions of European power exchanges. The platform is targeted at traders, portfolio managers as well as asset planners who manage positions on European market areas and want to use a uniform and efficient web frontend.

Supply and demand are brought together on a daily basis in power auctions held by European exchanges. In addition to the day-ahead auctions of the coupled markets, the exchanges offer further regional auctions for various market areas. Traders, portfolio managers and asset planners have to keep an eye on all this on a daily basis. EXXETA has developed the ideal platform for exactly this purpose: EXXETA.auctions.

A unified B2B platform for European energy trading

"With EXXETA.auctions, users get access to all European energy markets – and can conveniently place their bids via their web browser or through an API," explains Krischan Keitsch, Product Owner at EXXETA. "With this platform, we want to offer our customers a way to act on all relevant energy exchanges and their supported market areas via one frontend and a single API."

As a white-label solution, EXXETA.auctions can be customized to the needs of its users through corporate branding. Via REST API, they also receive central access to the functionalities that are necessary for mapping their processes. Of course, the API complies with the European data security standards for energy suppliers.

One of the first-hour users is Roman Fricker, Manager of Optimization and Position Management at German energy company EnBW: "With EXXETA.auctions, we have found a solution that simplifies our access to new exchanges and markets, standardizes our processes and is technically state-of-the-art." EnBW is currently implementing EXXETA.auctions and is providing useful input for the continuous development of the platform with the experience gained so far.

Users are actively involved in development

It is not only the experts at EXXETA who are working on improvements for EXXETA.auctions. Every three weeks, existing but also potentially new users meet in so-called User Group meetings and provide valuable input as well as new ideas for optimizing the software. "With these meetings, we want to promote an active exchange and align our product even more closely with customer needs. After all, who knows better about the requirements than the customer himself," says Krischan Keitsch. Interested parties can contact him directly for more information about EXXETA.auctions and the User Group meetings: auctions(at)exxeta.com.


You can find more information about EXXETA.auctions at: www.exxeta.auction.