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FZI and EXXETA innovation partnership

The association supports the close relationship between research and practice and promotes the development of innovative technologies and solutions. The FZI association hosts a number of different events that give its members the opportunity to discuss trends and developments in their companies and that provide information on the latest discoveries from science and research.

The partnership highlights the importance of innovations to EXXETA. We promote an open culture of communication that supports the discovery and the development of new ideas through to mature innovations. The EXXETA Innovation Consulting service component also helps our customers establish an environment that promotes innovation and supports the use of creative stimulus as a competitive advantage.

“We are very excited about our cooperation with the FZI and the large number of innovative partner companies to actively discuss trends and gain knowledge,” explains Achim Kirchgässner, CEO of EXXETA AG. “It aligns perfectly with our motto ‘Connecting worlds’ and lets us contribute to the close relationship between the latest developments in the field of information technology and their application in practice.”

About the FZI
The FZI Research Center for Information Technology at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is a non-profit organisation for applied information technology research and technology transfer.
Find out more about the FZI at http://www.fzi.de

About the FZI Friends' Association
The association is a network of companies and other incorporated organisations that want to take advantage of modern information technologies, maintain contact with each other as well as the FZI for this purpose, and support the work of the Research Center for Information Technology. The association combines research with business in an intensive knowledge exchange.
Find out more about the FZI Friends' Association at http://foerderverein.fzi.de