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Meetup: IOTA Deep-Dive

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming increasingly important in industry 4.0. Automotive companies in particular are increasingly working on IoT solutions that will take the age of networked cars, also known as "connected cars", to a new technical level. Blockchain technology offers a decentralized approach to communication, but is inefficient compared to centralized solutions in terms of scalability, transaction rates and transaction costs.

This is where the IOTA Foundation, with its crypto technology of the same name, IOTA, comes in. IOTA uses the advantages of established blockchain technologies, but overcomes their known problems through high scalability and low transaction costs. Transactions are stored asynchronously in a directed acyclic graph (tangle) and not sequentially as a linked list. Several well-known companies such as VW, Bosch and Fujitsu are already cooperating with the IOTA Foundation to advance the development of the still young crypto technology.

The talk will provide insights into research results that show various challenges and limitations in the current use of IOTA. The process will be illustrated using a practical example in the context of M2M communication.

Here a little information in advance, who the speakers of the evening are:

Markus Fischer: As Director at EXXETA AG, he and his staff carry out projects in the areas of IoT and Blockchain. The supervision of theses and research in various innovation topics is also part of his job.

Daniel Wörner: As a senior consultant and full-stack developer, he supports various projects. In addition, he supervises final theses in the areas of Blockchain, IOTA and IoT.

Daniel Meng: Works as a consultant at EXXETA AG. He has been working with Blockchain since he was a student trainee. In his final thesis he examined IOTA.

You can register here: www.meetup.com/de-DE/EXXETA-AG-Stuttgart-Meetup/events/260694145/

We are looking forward to many guests :)