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Moin Hamburg! EXXETA opens location in the Hanseatic city

Moin Hamburg! A few days ago, EXXETA pitched its tents in the Hanseatic city and opened a new location. In the coworking space "Hamburger Ding" at Nobistor 16, we start with a small but powerful team and advise our customers on how to make their organization resilient with digital business models, state-of-the-art technologies and an agile mindset, and how to involve their employees and business partners along the way.

Whether it's sustainable and stakeholder-friendly IT architectures, agile working models or guidelines for a new corporate culture: Our technology and methodology experts support you as consultants and coaches, set up train-the-trainer programs and accompany you on the path to digital collaboration.

Why are we so good at this as EXXETA? Because we have already been down this path ourselves as a company and know exactly what it takes.

You want to know more about our Hamburg team? Get in touch with us!

Christina AlbrechtChristina Albrecht