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Project report: Thyssengas network load check

Thyssengas GmbH, a natural gas transmission system operator with headquarters in Dortmund, Germany, transports up to 10 billion cubic meter of natural gas via 4,200 kilometers of grid securely every day. The high level of cross-linking demands complex requirements towards efficient business processes and how to integrate into the IT-environment of Thyssengas. Since 2009, EXXETA has been the TSO’s IT service provider. Primarily, Thyssengas uses MTS TSO standard software for its initiation and operation of transport network capacities.

What was the project’s goal?

The goal of the recently completed project with our partner Thyssengas was to realize customer-specific requirements in the operations segment. Those requirements resulted from an operation agreement in between Thyssengas and another TSO. The core element was the execution of a network load check, a process regarding the optimization of usage of all available capacities in each pipeline section.

For the customer, it was essential that these scenarios are processed properly within the existing process landscape, and consequently reach an higher level of automation.

How did we implement the requirements?

In an in-depth analysis, carried out by EXXETA, and a joint refinement of the developed requirements, a decision was made to perform the pursued network load check by means of a standardized process introduction template. The comprehensive basis was extended by identified customer specifications.

EXXETA supported the customer in integrating the process during the project and secure seamless transition into 24/7 operation.

By introducing the new sub-process into the operations segment, the automatized network load check enables the day-to-day business to be operated substantially more efficient. Therefore, quality of results is guaranteed and customer satisfaction is increased in the long run.

What was the biggest challenge?

The key challenge of implementing the requirements was the multilayered network structure and the mapping of complex dependencies of sub-processes.

To guarantee mutual understanding concerning functional requirements, regular and joint arrangement with Thyssengas was indispensable.

Eventually, the close cooperation led to a successful realization of the project. The result was a tailor-made solution for Thyssengas’ individual requirements.

What is the result?

February 28th, 2017, the go live of all adjustments took place. Since then, the network load check works flawlessly.

With the project’s finalization, no manual leg- or rework is needed anymore. As an overall result, EXXETA presents a successful implementation of requirements, an operating network load check, as well as a content customer.

We sincerely thank Thyssengas for the excellent cooperation!