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EXXETA Energy Trading Solutions are ready for Sphirra

Sphirra, a new European trading platform for power and gas trading, will be launched soon. The aim is to establish a second major platform for trading OTC products in Europe alongside Trayport, the UK market leader.

"From discussions with our customers, we can already see how important it is for them to prepare for a new market situation in advance," says Sascha Gering, Sales Director at EXXETA. "Sphirra as a new marketplace leads to a new dynamic in the energy trading market, where nobody wants to be the last one on board. We meticulously observe the developments around Sphirra, advise and support our customers in implementing their strategies.”

The EXXETA Energy Trading ecosystem, consisting of the Energy Trader, the Internal Market and the Market Adapter, is already Sphirra-ready and offers customers easy access to this new market.

  • With the EXXETA Energy Trader (EET), customers trade simultaneously on Sphirra and on established marketplaces such as Trayport or EEX. The EET focuses on exchange-traded commodities such as power, gas, coal, oil and CO2 certificates.
  • The EXXETA Internal Market (EIM) is the internal marketplace for commodity trading and enables a connection to external price sources, internal matching of internal orders, forwarding of internal orders to external markets (order routing) and much more. With EXXETA Internal Market, energy traders match their internal positions first before going to market, and can even automate trading activities thanks to algorithmic trading.
  • The EXXETA Market Adapter (EMA) as a central information source for trades and real-time market data is already Sphirra-ready, too. It distributes trading and market data (including tick data for reporting purposes within the scope of MAR surveillance or MiFID) via various channels and supplies systems of any size - from a simple Excel spreadsheet to a full-fledged position management system.

The EXXETA Energy Trading Solutions can be used as an on-premise solution or from the EXXETA Service Cloud, and prepare energy companies today for the launch of the new Sphirra trading platform.

Further information about the EXXETA Energy Trading Ecosystem can be found here.

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Sascha Gering
Sales Director
+49 341 49635-242