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27. January 2021

You are using React? You want to implement the functionality to draw on a map? You are already using…

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21. January 2021

Open redirect is a security vulnerability (CWE-601: URL redirection to untrusted site), that can be…

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19. June 2020

The usual way of dependency injection with CDI using @Inject offers an extremely efficient mechanism…

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10. June 2020

by Jakob Schröder and Dr. Philipp Bongartz



This blog post is a data exploration in the context of…

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21. January 2020

A typical Machine Learning (ML) problem is about prediction such as in Forecasting for data-driven…

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20. December 2019

Vault secures, stores, and tightly controls access to tokens, passwords, certificates, API keys, and…

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10. December 2019

Approving loans without proper scientific evaluation increases the risk of default. This can lead to…

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30. October 2019

Transforming raw text into applicable business insights for data-driven decision making is not a…