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The cloud is changing business and IT – and not just for companies, but also for their customers and end users. Computing power, storage space and software can be obtained in the form of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS). Entire platforms (PaaS) can be rented for mobile services or products, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), or operated as a private cloud within a company.

And in doing so, a wide variety of objectives need considering.

The business wants to…

  • unlock new business models in the cloud
  • implement fast solutions with the cloud
  • react flexibly to market changes
  • create solutions itself in order to reduce dependency on the IT area

Whereas CIO and IT ...

  • want to provide standardised services and processes
  • need to ensure they have a standardised security architecture
  • must be compliant
  • must ensure all cloud solutions are operated in a uniform manner
  • want to maintain an overview of all costs, produce user-related invoices and control budgets

Our cloud service components

EXXETA offers numerous cloud services, from the infrastructure (IaaS) to rentable software and platform solutions (SaaS & PaaS), to complete business services (BPaaS). And in this regard, our customers benefit from our extensive specialist knowledge, our expertise and our services and solutions.

Software & Business Process as a Service

Cloud Strategy Patterns

B2Cloud Transformation

Cloud Governance

Digitization Consulting

Migration Consulting

UX Design Workshops

Plattform as a Service


Cloud Management Platform

Mobile Platform

Integration Platform

SME Cloud

Predictive Analytics

Infrastructure as a Service






Reference Architecture

Your benefits

Exploitation of cloud potential

Standardised cloud products, services and templates allow companies to focus on business needs

Flexible business and compliant IT

A frictionless cloud services strategy ensures corporate standards and cloud potential

Best practices 
& agility

Manufacturer- and technology-independent consulting, automation and standardisation with a focus on results

Effective cost control and economies of scale

Uniform reporting, accounting and budgeting is ensured

EXXETA offers manufacturer- and technology-independent holistic cloud services, from strategy and usage patterns to innovation and technical implementation as well as operation - and all of this from a single source.

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