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Everyone is talking about the cloud – but often this only relates to virtualisation and storage, in order to achieve savings within an company. But what is the best way to exploit this and other areas of cloud potential? How can cloud potential be exploited for your own company and implemented effectively?

EXXETA can support you in precisely this decisive area, and offers manufacturer- and technology-independent expertise. In doing so, we develop customised usage scenarios together with you – and above all: Specific products and services, in order to be able to use the cloud meaningfully and efficiently in your company, in line with your needs.

We achieve this through a combination of structure and innovation. The structure is reflected and mapped based on via cloud governance, which ensures uniform processes for provisioning, operation and billing. The innovation developed together with you, which represents the result of your (cloud) strategy, offers the optimum foundation for innovative, company-specific products and services. The cloud – whether private, public or hybrid – thus serves as a driver of innovation. We stay focussed on your business needs and adapt the solutions and technologies in line with your needs.

Your challenges

The business wants to...

  • implement specialist area requirements in a swift and unbureaucratic manner
  • implement all projects in a cost-efficient manner
  • deal with change requests flexible

CIO and IT want to...

  • align the cloud strategy with the company and IT strategy
  • uniform processes for implementing the requirements of specialist areas
  • transparency across all (innovation) projects
  • standardised operation of all solutions

Our offer