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Are you already using cloud solutions? And if so, do you organise and arrange your specialist departments within them? Do you have a clear overview of all of the cloud services being used? Do you bill your cloud costs centrally based on who has used what?

Only by providing clear guidelines and responsibilities can you ensure that cloud services are used in accordance with the company and IT strategy, operated in a stable manner and invoiced appropriately while ensuring potential such as cost reductions are exploited.
With EXXETA Cloud Governance we offer you an holistic consulting approach for the effective utilisation of cloud services - from inventory management to invoicing.

Your challenges

The business wants to...

  • unlock new business models in the cloud
  • implement fast solutions with the cloud
  • react flexibly to market changes
  • create solutions itself in order to reduce dependency on the IT area

CIO and IT want to...

  • provide standardised services and processes
  • establish a standardised security architecture
  • be compliant
  • ensure holistic operation of all cloud solutions
  • maintain an overview of all costs, produce user-related invoices and control budgets

Our offer