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Mobile devices – whether smartphones or tablets – are now an integral part of business life and no longer just used for emails and telephone calls. They have even become the main tool in many areas for processing transactions and deals…

However, companies face many (technical) challenges, such as system access or approval processes. It is important that you choose the right technology from the wide range that is available while combining existing ones, and you need to manage data centrally and securely while making it accessible to all types of mobile devices.

The EXXETA Mobile Platform allows you to mobilise your business processes - in the cloud One platform – which has everything you need. Whether workflows, security, logging, monitoring or connectors to existing technologies: the platform covers all of this.

Your challenges

The business wants to...

  • have IT solutions implemented quickly and economically
  • focus on business processes, not IT problems
  • central support from a single source for all IT solutions
  • support for all modern mobile devices

CIO and IT want to...

  • reduce implementation and maintenance outlay
  • uniform technical solutions
  • re-use components
  • economies of scale for solutions that are technically similar
  • standardised operation and maintenance

Our offer