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Increasing competition, new market and technology trends, as well as rising user requirements, make constant adjustments necessary. For many companies, the improvement of their processes and methods to increase the efficiency of deadline, cost and progress planning are now a part of everyday business. However, these changing conditions do not guarantee successful execution of a project.

An understanding of the status of projects, the early recognition of erroneous developments and the maintenance of continuous improvement processes are thus essential for current as well as future projects.

An audit is the ideal tool for the systematic, independent and documented evaluation of projects using tried-and-tested, defined criteria.

EXXETA Project Audit offers the holistic analysis and assessment of projects in relation to software architectures, technology and the quality of project processes.

Your challenges

Despite elaborate planning and constant optimisation of project processes, projects do not always produce the desired results. Changing stakeholders, new project teams or even the continuous further development of technologies are just a few of the drivers that pose new challenges to companies when it comes to project success:

Deadlines are not complied with


Scope and requirements are unclear


Quality or performance are insufficient


Doubts regarding the capacity of the system architecture


Our offer

An external project audit is the ideal instrument for analysing the status of a project and defining suitable measures for ensuring project success.

The EXXETA Project Audit experts combine project management know-how with software engineering experience. We offer holistic project audits that observe both the organisational as well as the technical aspects, which in turn enable an holistic evaluation of your project.

Stage-based model with multiple phases

I Definition

  • Definition of processes and procedures
  • Definition of the content of the audit:
    • Topics
    • Criteria

Coordinated approach

II Analysis

  • Creation of a collection of questions as the basis for unstructured interviews
  • Execution of interviews to obtain an holistic overview:
    • Requirements
    • Objectives
    • Areas of activity
  • Document review

Identification of CURRENT situation

III Assessment

  • Definition of TARGETS incl. consideration of best practices
  • Derivation of findings    Qualitative or quantitative assessment of
    • Project and development processes
    • Artefacts like documentation, requirements, test cases or source code
  • Comparison of TARGET-CURRENT situation
  • Identification of problem areas
  • Execution of a risk analysis

Evaluated findings

IV Recommendation

  • Development of measures
    • Preventive measures
    • Corrective measures
  • Prioritisation of measures
  • Development of recommendations for action, incl. process recommendations for achieving targets

Specific recommendations for action

V Conclusion

  • Presentation of results
  • Detailed documentation of the entire decision-making process and the results in the audit report

Presentation of results

Your benefits

Put your trust in our many years of experience in the execution of IT project audits. Benefit from the ideal combination of project management know-how and software engineering expertise and realise advantages for your company:

  • Independent and neutral expertise
    Obtain a detailed assessment of your project with regard to software architectures, technology and the quality of project processes.

  • Fast turnaround with regard to quality, scope and deadlines
    Obtain a defined catalogue of measures to optimise your project processes.

  • A sustainable and future-proof software solution
    Obtain specific recommendations for action to ensure that your software architecture is fit for the future.

Establish planning dependability for the next stages of your project and rely on EXXETA Project Audit experts to provide an holistic evaluation of projects in relation to software architecture, technology and the quality of project processes.

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