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With the constantly increasing volume of data and the high expectations in terms of IT-supported mapping availability, business processes has become a business-critical factor for companies. Processes and resources can only be optimised and used efficiently with consistent service and process orientation across specialist departments.

EXXETA Integration Solutions supports you in setting up your IT in a way which conforms to strategies and helps to improve the agility of your company. With the definition and introduction of joint standards and processes, cross-department coordination and the optimum alignment of business and IT can be achieved.

Your challenges

The integration challenge

Companies are subject to permanent change and organisational restructuring. Business models and processes have to be put to the test, changed and reflected by your information and communication systems. Business processes have to be adjusted in line with the dynamic market environment, legal requirements and the organisation. In addition to best-of-breed applications and individual developments, the changing infrastructure must also include flexibility when it comes to scaling.

The process challenge

Due to the ever-present digitisation and changing customer behaviour, business processes are subject to significant changes. Processes don’t only start much earlier nowadays, i.e. in the private environment of the customer; they also go much deeper. Data gained on customer behaviour is taken into consideration when designing processes, as are forecast models, which increases the complexity as well as the dynamic of the adjustments. Furthermore, business processes last much longer and even accompany customers during their activities after the actual business process has finished.

The governance challenge

In order to remain competitive, companies must adapt to the changing market conditions. The continuous adaptation of IT structures is a significant aspect; however, applications and systems are often developed and integrated without comprehensive guidelines on procedure,security and quality. Holistic integration governance must fulfil the requirements and needs of different persons, structures and IT components involved.

Our offer

With the EXXETA consulting services and solutions in the area of Integration Solutions, we can assist you with the introduction and further development of service-oriented architectures (SOA) in a cost-efficient manner and help you achieve consistent service and process orientation across specialized areas. Benefit from a holistic integration strategy with which you can not only significantly speed up the implementation of integration projects but also considerably improve the quality of the outcome.

Integration expertise
We support you during the structured and efficient implementation of your technical requirements in the IT system environment and offer:

  • The selection, introduction, maintenance and further development of integration platforms
  • The introduction of an independent domain service layer, which describes the identity of a domain
  • The design and architecture of integration solutions, identification of services and service cut
  • The integration of existing applications based on an EAI platform or enterprise service bus
  • Uniform patterns, methods and components to speed up projects

Process optimization
We remove process breaks and establish the prerequisites for successful, ongoing process improvements. We support you with the selection, introduction, maintenance and further development of BPM platforms and provide advice during the entire BPM lifecycle:

  • Modelling and optimization of processes
  • Implementation of BPM platforms
  • Operation and monitoring of the runtime environment
  • Monitoring with BAM tools

Integration governance
We support you with setting up holistic integration governance. Through the establishment of an Integration Competence Center and the introduction of uniform methods, guidelines and templates, we ensure compliance with specifications and help you achieve project success more quickly. We define the most appropriate governance framework for the needs of your company, taking general guidelines, chains of responsibility, control mechanisms and communication channels into consideration.

Your benefits

Thanks to our integration, tool and process expertise, you benefit from the shortest introduction times and an active transfer of know-how. Put your trust in a holistic concept with uniform methods and prebuilt components, which help you achieve project success more quickly. Reduce risks and costs and increase flexibility during development with our iterative and incremental approach. Realise holistic, integrated control, monitoring and quality assurance over the entire service lifecycle.

With EXXETA Integration Solutions you can achieve consistent service and process orientation in your company and an optimum alignment of business and IT.