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"Java can lower costs, drive innovation and improve application services when chosen as the programming language for the Internet of things (IoT), corporate architectures and cloud computing."

Source: https://www.oracle.com

EXXETA has many years of experience in the individual development of Java and applications based on Java Enterprise. With well-founded know-how in the latest technologies and established standards like Java SE, Java EE and Spring, we can handle any challenge involved in current topics such as digitisation, cloud, big data and integration.

Our Services

EXXETA can support you in the introduction of new applications and the ongoing development of existing ones, as well as the replacement of legacy software and the operation of your applications. Our experts help you to implement your requirements quickly and effectively using agile process models. With a smooth running team, we can support you with the end-to-end execution of your development projects, from requirements management to operation.

Agile Coaching

We can support you in the introduction and application of agile process models, such as Scrum or extreme programming, in all relevant areas – from the methodology and architecture to the introduction of suitable development tools.

Continuous Delivery

We can assist you with the setup and optimisation of your individual continuous delivery pipeline. In addition to the selection and setup of suitable methods and tools, we can also support all users from the areas of development, testing and operation when it comes to providing the required technical know-how for Git, Docker, Jenkins & Co.

Architecture Design

We can help you with the creation of your own individual software architecture based on the latest Java technology standards, such as micro services and cloud native applications with Amazon Web Services or Red Hat OpenShift.
We can evaluate the architecture of your existing applications based on Java SE, Java EE or Spring with regard to software quality by using established methods and tools, and we can provide advice regarding possible optimisation measures.


We can support you in the new or ongoing development of your individual software solution on the basis of Java technology stacks. With our many years of experience in design, implementation and testing as well as DevOps, we can cover all roles of a modern development team.

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