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The EXXETA Platform Suite provides the technical foundation for your web and mobile applications.

Our offer

Through the intelligent connection of open standards with our own extensions, we have created a platform in the EXXETA Platform Suite that is particularly strong when it comes to web portals and backends for mobile applications. Thanks to its modern microservice architecture, the platform is modular and thus flexibly expandable, and simultaneously scalable and highly available. Many platform functions such as user and rights management, monitoring, etc. are included as standard, and allow the implementation of the business requirements from the very first day of the project.

Thanks to its structure, the EXXETA Platform Suite allows for a small start and growth without architectural redesign in case of success, for example through the distribution of the application over multiple servers.
Third-party applications or data layers are integrated easily and quickly through an integration layer.
Complex processes that require flexibility are graphically modelled by a workflow component, and can also be adapted during ongoing operation.

The EXXETA Platform Suite can be used in customer environments or even in the cloud.
In particular for new business applications and digitization projects, the EXXETA Platform Suite offers the ideal foundation to implement agile and explorative approaches. For example, with a test group of users, you can try out new approaches in an uncomplicated way and, if successful, put them into immediate, productive use or expand them.


E-Point – The Energy Marketplace has been online since early 2017. E-Point is the marketplace for gas, electricity and services, and is technically based on the EXXETA Platform Suite.

Your benefits

  • “Start small, grow big” approach possible without platform migration (out-of-the-box functions
  • Microservice architecture based on Netflix OSS
  • High availability and scalability
  • High data persistence
  • Graphically flexible process design (BPMN)
  • Flexible frontend integration
  • Built for the service cloud of tomorrow