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In today's increasingly complex business world, companies have to ensure that their employees have rapid access from anywhere to all information they need to perform business processes and make informed decisions. Having uniform front-end is ideal, allowing rapid and convenient provision of relevant information and efficient design of internal processes.

EXXETA UI integration helps enterprises make their complex back-end systems accessible via an array of mobile devices. We use innovative technologies for mapping your data in a uniform front-end with user-centered design and develop innovative solutions which meet the highest usability standards. Our interdisciplinary approach, starting with the concept and right through to design and implementation of technically sound solutions, makes it possible to deliver seamless, integrated applications.

Your challenges

You want to be able to edit data processes via a central portal, independent of back-end system (CRM, ERP, CMS etc.) or output device. Splitting up business process steps among multiple clients makes processing highly inefficient, and use of multi-client platforms increases architecture complexity. Because every client has to be developed individually, development costs increase and there is little synergy between the various systems.

You are looking for a holistic concept to reduce cost and complexity which features an optimized, process-oriented user interface. Changes in process flows and business rules should be rapidly and efficiently incorporated. You need a flexible and innovative solution that accords with the principles of user-centered design.

Our offer

We offer transparent, configurable mapping of your entire business processes in a unified front-end across all systems and with an optimized user interface (UI).

Based on your individual requirements, we develop next-level interfaces with process oriented user guidance. Every user gets an individual, context based UI on the basis of localized, personalized and status related information. In accordance with user centered design principles, the user's tasks, objectives and characteristics are the focus of the development process. Our iterative approach consists of usage context analysis, outlining of requirements, concept design, prototyping and evaluation. We realize the availability of your portal on mobile devices as a web app, native or hybrid solution in accordance with your needs. Seamless integration of back-end systems applying SAP®, Microsoft®, Oracle® and open source industry standards allows transformation, synchronization and historization of data in compliance with your firm's security requirements. We offer vendor independent architecture consulting on your future portal, having robust knowledge of technologies such as:

  • Java, JSF, JavaEE
  • JavaScript, AngularJS, Dojo, node.js und weitere
  • Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Our technical expertise and experience, overseeing the entire process from concept design to implementation of complex projects, enables us to realize uniquely innovative solutions with state-of-the-art user interfaces.

Your benefits

By systematically focusing on usability, we develop solutions tailored to your business that integrate seamlessly into your back-end systems and optimally map your business processes onto any type of end-device.

Configurable, process oriented user navigation heightens flexibility. Achieve greater usability and user satisfaction through a user-centered design that optimizes usability of the user interface and overall visual appeal. Shorten process time by avoiding any media discontinuity; a holistic approach concept extending across all channels (web and mobile) lowers cost and complexity.

EXXETA UI integration delivers a holistic concept across all channels, affording significant reductions in cost and complexity. Benefit from the use of innovative technologies for mapping your data in a uniform front-end with user-centered design and optimize your business processes.