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An individually tailored, holistical integrative, sustainable & usable strategy framework

What are the market changes ahead? Which of my company's strengths are vital for securing a competitive advantage? How can strategies be implemented and anchored over a long term to achieve business objectives?
In addition to key decision-making at the highest management level, adopting a forward-looking strategy means defining concrete measures for operationalising strategic action areas and making them part of the organisation.

EXXETA 360° On Strategy is how we assist you in defining your company's strategic status quo, developing strategic prospectives and successfully implementing them. Transferring our project expertise in a variety of industries and incorporating our experience gathered in a wide array of innovative projects. We offer an ideal combination of in-depth management consulting knowledge and innovative energy. Use our expertise to your advantage in defining and implementing a future-proof strategy for the long-term success of your enterprise.

Your challenges

Defining corporate, department or thematic strategy is being made more difficult due to lack of shared understanding of the relationships between market developments, value drivers and internal potentials. Strategies are often developed and modified under extreme time pressure, and frequently without enough distance to the day-to-day operations. If your company lack an overview of the strategic management methods and frameworks employed to formulate strategy, and you have no method to sustain its operationalisation.

Middle management sees impediments to strategy execution such as:

  • Ambiguously formulated strategy and KPIs
  • Imprecise strategic analysis
  • Ignoring the competition
  • Underestimating environment dynamics
  • Heterogeneous management team, silo mentality, conflicts of interest
  • Lack of commitment to the strategy, leading to inconsistent implementation of strategic initiatives

Our offer

As part of EXXETA 360° On Strategy, we comprehensively advise you, provide you support from assessment to corporate strategy development and subsequent adaptation.

Consecutive strategy development and strategy adaptation

Current situation analysis

  • Identification of pressures to act on strategy
  • Identification of factors critical for success
  • Analysis of strategic initiatives

Assessment and development of strategic perspectives

  • Internal company analysis, external market analysis
  • Benchmarks with relevant market participants
  • Outlining of medium and long-term objectives

Outline and sharpen focus on strategic action areas

  • Identification, expansion and review of strategic action areas
  • Obtaining feedback to ensure coordinated strategy set-up

Ensure sustainable implementation

  • Operationalizing of strategic action areas via concrete packages of measures
  • Establishment of central program management

Multi-perspective strategy map

  • Combining into a multi-perspective strategy map
  • Outlining of strategic decisions and their justification

Our methodology is based on the work of Henry Mintzberg; a multi-perspectival approach avoids problems associated with a typical 'one-way street' approach (a purely 'inside-looking-out' perspective), enabling new insights.

Your benefits

EXXETA 360° On Strategy delivers an optimal package of innovative input, modern workshop design, methodological competence and expertise in operationalising strategy. Strategic planning becomes a concrete shared experience using methodological elements based on design thinking that promotes group intelligence as well as hands-on mentality characteristic of rapid prototyping.

Shared understanding of status quo and future
Having a clear and shared understanding of the status quo pertaining to the company, unit, department or issue, simplifies decision-making on future strategic alignment and also bundles Forces.

Clear strategic alignment with specific action areas
Identification of strategic action areas and subsequent operationalisation yield's a clear strategic positioning for the company. Strategy transparency is thus increased for all stakeholders, whose own intentions are rendered visible within the overall context.

Avoid the typical 'one-way street' view by taking a multi-perspective approach
The EXXETA methodological toolbox enables identified action areas to be clearly understood. Incorporating external perspectives leads to new insights for all stakeholders. The typical “one-way-street” view is avoided, such as simply looking out from the inside.

High reusability of the method and transferability of results
The results and methods enable the retention and adjustment of the chosen strategy. The methodology can also be transferred and re-applied within the company in differing contexts.

Use EXXETA Management Consulting expertise to your advantage to define and implement a future-proven strategy for the long term success of your enterprise.

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